New Zealands Natural Collection
Certified Organic Argan Oil
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Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil
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Pearson & Craig Cosmetics is a family owned business operating from Auckland, New Zealand.
We have a nationwide and export sales and distribution network servicing retail outlets such as pharmacies, gift stores, variety stores, supermarkets, and tourist shops.
Pearson & Craig has developed several brands of cosmetics and toiletries based on the unique natural source ingredients and fragrances of New Zealand. These products capture the very essence of New Zealand's natural beauty.
Pearson & Craig Ltd Mount Cook Manuka Flower Dolphin N Z Honey Bee Goat Wild Flowers

Established in the 1970s, Pearson & Craig has developed an exclusive Miracle range of Thermal Mud beauty products. Other products include perfume sachets, soaps, talcum powder, lanolin based skin care products and natural skin creams. The following products (trade mark brands) are shown on this web site: Miracle, Wildfields, Wildflower, Lanoliné, Alpine Myst and Ice Age.

Pearson & Craig products are presented in cosmetic packaging and are manufactured to exclusive formulations under strict New Zealand standards.
Export enquiries are welcome

Enjoy our products and experience natural New Zealand.

Proudly made in New Zealand

Proudly made in New Zealand

Lanoline - Argan Oil Premium Skin Care
Natural argan oil combined with botanical oils and natural active extracts, providing intense skin hydration.(more)
Lanoline - Collagen Premium Skin Care
Vitamin C fruit extracts and collagen combine to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.(more)
Lanoline - Manuka Honey Premium Skin Care
PURE New Zealand Manuka Honey combined with essential botanical oils and natural active extracts to protect, hydrate and nourish your skin.(more)
Lanoline - Rosehip Oil Premium Skin Care
PURE New Zealand extracts to protect, hydrate and nourish your skin. Optimise the health and beauty of your skin with LANOLINE skin products.(more)
Lanoline Vitamin C5
Pearson & Craig's LANOLINE brand of Natural Eco-Skin Care products are uniquely New Zealand. (more)
Miracle - New Zealand Thermal Mud
These products harness the essential minerals found in thermal mud to provide therapeutic beauty treatments.(more)
Natural Solutions - East Cape Manuka Honey
New Zealand Manuka Honey is renowned for natural properties and great taste.(more)
Natural Solutions - East Cape Manuka Oil
The native New Zealand Manuka tree is renowned for natural treatment of skin conditions such as athletes foot.(more)
New Zealand Natural Collection
Using the protective oil found in sheep's wool, these products will help protect you against the harsh environment.(more)
Save on selected Pearson & Craig products.(more)
Wildfields - Herbal Products
Pure tea tree oil and Manuka oil provide natural antiseptic properties for this range of herbal body care products.(more)
Wildflower - Fragrances of New Zealand
These products capture the fragrance of New Zealand - light, fresh and clean.(more)
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