Pearson & Craig Cosmetics is a family owned business operating from Auckland, New Zealand. We have a nationwide and export sales and distribution network servicing retail outlets such as pharmacies, gift shops, variety stores, supermarkets, and tourist shops.

We have our own brand of cosmetics and toiletries based on the unique natural source ingredients and fragrances of New Zealand. We also specialise in product development, art design and customer house branding.

Established in the 1970s, we have developed an exclusive Miracle range of thermal mud beauty products. Other products include perfume sachets, soaps, talcum powder, lanolin based skin care products and natural based skin creams. The following products (trade mark brands) are shown on this web

site: Miracle Mud, Wildflower, Lanoline, and Alpine Myst and Ice Age.

Pearson & Craig products are all manufactured to exclusive formulations and controlled to strict New Zealand standards by proven quality processes meeting ISO 9000. Pearson & Craig Cosmetics welcome trade inquiries worldwide.

Enjoy our products and experience natural New Zealand.

If you would like Pearson & Craig to develop a specialised product for you, please see the product development and house branding section.

Post: PO Box 44, Beachlands, Auckland, New Zealand | Phone: +64 9 273 8255 | Email: