Colostrum.e Repair Skin Cream

Product code:  COLC50
Size:  50g
Packaging:  Boxed


Natural Collection: Colostrum.e Repair Skin Cream

Colostrum Repair Cream provides the following benefits:

  • firms skin and reduces wrinkles
  • promotes healthy cellular repair of the skin
  • maintains long-lasting moisture of skin cells
  • provides clear skin, free of blemishes
  • supplies nature's powerful antioxidant-lactoferrin
  • strengthens skin's protective barrier to guard against pollutants and allergens

Mother Nature's natural ingredient, Colostrum, containing vitamins A, B12, and E, nourishes protects and rebuilds the skin. Colostrum is all natural for skin care because it contains Epithelial (Skin) Growth Factor, which stimulates the youthful regeneration of skin cells. It is a good moisturiser to protect, heal and revitalise skin. Colostrum gives day and night skin treatment that is rich in hydrating agents and antioxidants. Restoring the skin's optimum moisture level and protective barrier, it helps to reduce the depth of fine lines and restore skin to a baby-soft radiant feel and look.

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