Pearson & Craig Ltd

Lanolin� Collagen product range

Pearson & Craig's LANOLINE brand of Natural Eco-Skin Care products are uniquely New Zealand. Our South Pacific Islands capture this natural eco-system that produces nature's best - clear, clean snow caped mountains, green lush native forest & flora and fresh spring water, along with abundance of natural ingredients and minerals.LANOLINE products capture the best that nature can provide, N.M.F's - Natural Moisturising Factors.The perfect skin health is based on N.M.F's and gives simplicity, purity and vitality to this unique skin care range. Each product contains unique blends of natural & botanical ingredients. A selection of pure essential oils and natural active concentrates including phytonutrients combined with 100% PURE New Zealand Extracts, create products that work in harmony to your natural skin balance and restores vitality and radiance.

Vitamin C5 Cleansing Gel 100ml
100ml Boxed Bottle
Vitamin C5 Eye Serum 20ml
20ml Boxed Bottle
Vitamin C5 Night Crème 50g
50g Boxed Pot
Vitamin C5 Serum 30ml
30ml Boxed bottle
Vitamin C5 Ultra Eye Créme 30g
30g Boxed pot
Vitamin C5 Ultra Firming Crème
50gm Boxed pot