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Natural Solutions East Cape Manuka Oil product range

Manuka is a variety of Tea Tree native to New Zealand and it has long been valued for its healing ability. It was used by Maori and early European settlers to treat a wide range of ailments. Experience has shown that the oil and cream are effective in treating such things as athletes foot, ringworm, thrush and other skin infections. Its antiseptic and antifungal properties have now been validated by scientific research and it would appear to be an extremely effective natural healing product.

The East Cape is renowned for its bush covered hills, its clean fast flowing streams and the rugged and natural beauty of its unspoilt coastline. The land on which the wild Manuka plantations grow is free of chemicals and modern day pollutants. This unique variety of Manuka is found only on the East Cape.

Mild Manuka Oil (4%)
50ml Bottle
Pure Manuka Oil
10ml Bottle
Soap (4% Manuka Oil)
100g Boxed
Strong Manuka Oil (25%)
10ml Bottle
Tea Blend - Antioxidant
30g Bag