House brands developed by Pearson & Craig

Pearson & Craig Cosmetics can develop specific products or product ranges for you, or we can re-brand our existing formulations in your choice of packaging. To the right are some examples of product ranges that have been developed by Pearson & Craig Cosmetics for other businesses.

The development process can consist of the packaging/promotional design as well as the actual formulation of the product.

The packaging/promotional design usually consists of the development of one initial concept into a finalised design. Below is an example of two different concepts for the same product.

Product development concept 1Product development concept 2

If we do not have a suitable product to be re-branded for you, Pearson & Craig Cosmetics can develop new formulations to suit your needs. Our formulations usually consist of ingredients from New Zealand that are blended to give a crisp natural feeling to each product. The formulations can be developed into a wide range of natural beauty products.

Pearson & Craig Cosmetics have experience in product creation and development. If you would like further information on the development of a specific product or product range, please complete the form below:


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