Pearson & Craig Cosmetics have been recognised for their expertise in product development. We are not contract fillers, but creators and manufacturers of fine cosmetics and toiletries for specialised markets.

Working closely with art production studios, packing and printing houses, independent laboratories and contract filling specialists, we develop our customers' ideas and create them through to the final product.

Our quality assurance programme includes manufacturing procedures, process validation and stability data which meets all New Zealand regulatory requirements.

With years of experience and knowledge in product design, packaging and manufacturing, we can give you a total support package.

New Zealand is unique in its "clean green" image and enjoys a natural resource of fragrances, herbs, oils and ingredients that make up its own cosmetic range. All of New Zealand's unique qualities can be included in our customers specialised products.


Pearson & Craig also recognise the need for House Branding and can offer its own products with customer labeling. Please click here to view additional information about product development, and some examples of House Branded products created by Pearson & Craig Cosmetics.

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